Do you know the problem?

According to UNESCO, 2.5 thousand languages are at risk of extinction in the next years. Every 14 days one language desappears. As a result, whole cultures, with their wisdom and habits are gone. You can help us to change this situation, just by speaking your mother tongue, living your culture and sharing it to the whole world.

I'd like to widespread the language and culture of my community, but I don’t have any experience in it.

With Opakatu you will be given all the necessary tools to prepare and edit your lessons, like quick guides, samples, support from the organizers, and more.

Why to volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer. No matter age, available time or background. You only need willpower.

You will help your community, since visitors will be given the opportunity to learn your local language and culture.

You will help your family, for mantaining alive the communication in your mother tongue among all the family members around and even for those who will be born from now on.

You will help yourself, since with the experience and resources to teach you might even find out your new skills.

You will help the world, by reinforcing the struggle for preservation of the beautiful linguistic and cultural diversity, both for us and for the new generations to come.


Opakatu is a non-profit organization. All the content will always be available on the website for free. It is meant to be a colaborative and volunteer work, so it fully depends on contributors to get languages courses and relevant cultural information.

Volunteers will not be paid for doing their contributions. By being part of Opakatu, volunteers accept they will not have any employment relationship.

All courses and any other contents will be published under the agreement that Opakatu is given full publication rights. The contents may be reproduced at any time, but will take both Opakatu and the volunteer’s name.

We do not give permission for anybody to copy our contents for commercial purpose. Opakatu has the right to share paid versions, but only to be self sustaining.

You Also Can Be A Volunteer

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